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Privacy policy

The managers and employees working for the PATBQ respect the privacy of users of this website.
Personal information, such as user name, company name, phone number (s), email and mailing addresses are only collected in cases where they are provided voluntarily. The information is used only for specific purposes such as sending information to PATBQ subscribers or to reach them following a membership request.
No personal information provided by users of this website is collected by automatic means. Certain information of a non-personal nature, such as the contact details of the Internet service provider or the name of the operating system, the duration of the consultation and the nature of the questions formulated during visits to the website, may be collected. This entry is possible by means of a "cookie", that is to say a tiny piece of information transmitted to the Internet user's browser and stored on the hard drive of this last. The information thus collected is used to improve the online experience of users and to inform PATBQ managers about the number of visitors who consult the site.
We inform Internet users that recent versions of the main browsers make it possible not only to oppose the recording of cookies, but also to perform browsing sessions at the end of which all the cookies installed during this session are automatically deleted regardless of their expected lifespan, thus providing better trace protection. The latter still have tools to manage cookies and in particular :
  • to block cookies from "third party" sites, i.e. those displayed by a site other than the one displaying the main content
  • to create "blacklists" of sites for which cookies must be blocked
The practices described in this privacy statement are specific to the PATBQ website. The sites of other organizations to which links lead may apply other criteria and users who visit these sites are invited to read the rules that govern them.