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Performance comparisons between herds

PATBQ is currently the only tool allowing Quebec beef cattle breeders to compare themselves, both on the genetic aspects and the breeding monitoring data.

From the PATBQ software, it's easy to extract various analysis reports of the breeder's genetic and technical-economic data and compare them with data from other breeders enjoying the same PATBQ advantage. It is therefore easy to determine where you stand in relation to other breeders based on the percentile ranks.

Extracting reports

Using the "Reports" tab located in the blue attachment bar of the PATBQ software, it's possible to extract the R3-03 report which allows to compare the results of a breeder with the averages of his region, province and percentile rank.

R3-03 report 

This report provides information on the management and annual herd productivity compared to regional and provincial averages, as well as the 1st quartile of the province.