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Development of an interactive website to centralize the supply of bulls in the beef cattle sector

Creation of an interactive and educational website to promote the production and sale of breeding bulls in Quebec. Collaborative project carried out for the Producers of Cattle of Quebec (PBQ), in collaboration with the CRAAQ and the Bovi-Expert Group.
More information on the origin of the project, the problems identified and the proposed solution.

The main objective is to develop an interactive and collective Web tool that will promote the communication and sharing of relevant information relating to the centralized offer of genetically evaluated purebred bulls, in order to allow informed purchasing choices and improve the profitability of the beef industry in Quebec. More specifically:

  • Identify and promote simple criteria, while developing educational web content on the main criteria to consider for the purchase of bulls by commercial producers and that will meet their needs

  • Increase the demand and purchase of improver bulls by commercial producers, as well as the dissemination of genetic improvement carried out by purebred breeders to the entire sector

  • Allow purebred breeders-selectors to have access to an easy-to-use Web tool to improve the visibility of their bull offer, in addition to their current promotional documents.

Implementation schedule

October 2021 to december 2023


Site appreciation survey - May 1 to June 1, 2023

Almost 4 months have passed since the launch of the site, now is the time to give us your opinion!

Thank you for helping us identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website by answering this short survey! by June 1, 2023 (in French only).


Producteurs de bovins du Québec (PBQ)


Bovi-Expert Group

Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec - CRAAQ

Thank you to our financial partners!

This project is funded through the Programme de Développement Sectoriel under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.